Role: UX Researcher, User Interface Design, and Wireframe
Timeline: One Month
Key Skills: UI Design, Prototype, and User Testing
Tools: Figma
Team: Alison Lu, Felicia Sugiarta, Gina Chang​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Project Overview

This project was created for a UX Hackathon competition called Eunoia Hackathon. Within two weeks, my team and I were challenged to uncover a problem within the website and subsequently make a custom page that would alleviate the struggles of intended users.
Project scope:

Maximillien & Co. is a wholesale company run by Dene Moore that packages bulk products into individual goods and offers customized labels. Their goal is to create a seamless transaction experience and create brand loyalty through customer relationships.

We have conducted secondary research to create an informed problem space. Maximillien has expressed a primary goal of growing its company. As a B2B company, the needs of the B2B consumer market must be considered to reach this goal.
According to studies, 71% of B2B consumers express the need for personalization, while 76% are frustrated when they don’t find it.
Competitive Analysis:

We conducted a competitive analysis to find what works and what could be improved from the available website within this field. Features such as trending recommendations, navigable guides and building brand trust were all adaptable features for our approach.
User survey:

We selected people with experience as event planners for merchandising. 
Problems: Brand loyalty is essential to company growth, so we surveyed 20 participants for the primary research to help us determine methods to attract brand loyalty. Hence, we included these factors in our design approach.

We identified three significant insights that typically built brand loyalty:
• Positive customer reviews
• Quality of the product or service 
• Trustworthiness and reputation of the brand
Design consideration

Our research and brainstorming led us to our problem statement:
"How might we create personalized experiences through a streamlined customization process to build brand loyalty?"
We will focus on improving website flow & communication as we want customers to be: 
• familiar with the website 
• can find everything in one place 
• have email as our secondary communication piece 
User testing

After doing more design iteration, I conducted usability testing to see the improvements that could be made to the website in terms of its usability and user experience.
Participants & method:

We recruited 2 participants, all with experience in merchandising, for the study. The study was conducted to identify pain points of the interface through the think-aloud method, where I let the user guide me as they navigated through the app and verbalized their experience while doing so.

Based on the results, we created solutions for the issue.
#1 Replacing approval process message
#2 Adding archive order history in the customer's profile page
#3 Streamlining the Customization Process
Style Guide

Through this project, I sharpen my research and design system skills, especially UI components. I learned how user experience is valuable for clients’ business. I am happy with the positive feedback the client gave us and decided to keep in contact about our solution.

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