Role: Videographer & Video Editor - Academic
Team: Patricia Sugiarta, Kitty Cheung, Brent Waldbillig, Rania Abdulaziz
Timeline: 3 Months
Key Skills: Shot composition, Video Editing
Tools: Premiere Pro & Procreate
Assignment Overview

"Ad Hominem" is created for the IAT 344 course (Moving Images) in the Spring semester of 2024. The project's main goal was to develop a creative and carefully crafted cinema poem, merging filmmaking artistry with poetic expression. The video poetry was based on Chantal Gibson's poem "Ad Hominem."

During the pre-production phase, my team and I outlined our film's concept by crafting a story treatment, which involved brainstorming ideas and annotating the poem. We then collaborated on creating our mood board to establish the visual tone. As the videographer, I was responsible for developing the shot list, providing examples of achievable aesthetics. This approach not only facilitated visualization but also improved communication between team members.
Shot List
Shot List
Rough cut
Moving into production, we scouted several locations for filming both indoor and outdoor. I operated, adjusted, and managed the camera throughout the shoot, which was crucial given the unpredictable natural lighting outdoors. To mitigate these challenges, I employed manual settings on the camera to ensure consistent quality.
In the rough cut video, I incorporated animation to bridge gaps within the narrative despite lacking drawing skills. Although challenging, I endeavoured to create animations to the best of my ability. Additionally, in this iteration, I contrasted the styles of subtitles with the overall animation, which resulting thematic separation. This feedback guides our team to produce a consistent style.

Following the rough cut, my team reached a consensus to maintain visual consistency by adopting a doodling and scribbling style for the video. Consequently, I used Procreate to create the scribbling, which would be layered and blended into SFU signage. 
However, feedback from our captioning colleagues highlighted the need for better integration. As a result, the doodling didn't make it into the final version, teaching me the importance of prioritizing collaboration over personal preferences. 
This experience emphasized the significance of adaptability and openness to feedback, recognizing that not all creative choices will fit the project's vision perfectly. Moving forward, I embrace flexibility and aim for cohesive, impactful results, valuing teamwork while staying committed to achieving project success.

Our team significantly revised our initial edits to achieve the final version. We replaced many temporary elements and enhanced certain shots by filming additional scenes. Specifically, we opted to swap some plant shots for river scenes to match the poetic theme better.
Additionally, I took responsibility for updating the end credits scene to ensure compliance with submission standards and post-production documentation (Actor consent form, etc.). This experience taught me the importance of clear communication with actors and the significance of paying close attention to details, contributing to my development as a filmmaker and team member.​​​​​​​

In summary, I gained significant technical expertise in Premiere Pro and knowledge of cinematography. As a photographer, this assignment helped me understand the greater complexity of videography. It highlighted the importance of meticulous attention to lighting and focus when dealing with moving subjects. On the other hand, my soft skills takeaways from collaborating with a large team for the first time underscored the vital role of clear communication in aligning our creative vision.​​​​​​​

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