Role: Graphic Designer - Academic
Team: Patricia & Jesselyn
Key Skills: Logo Design, Brand Identity
Tools: Adobe Photoshop
Step 1: I started brainstorming by using a Mind Map. This process helped me to focus my audience and representation of the work. Being able to see my thoughts and connecting them to the main prompt, helps with choosing the top designs I loved.
Step 2: After brainstorming, I started sketching out all the ideas I had based on the ideas I had earlier. This step helped to visualize the idea. As I drew out the ideas, I could see which logo worked.
Step 3: Jesselyn and I bring our best ideas to choose from for the logo. As we collected all the pictures, we discussed which logo works and voted for the whisk logo.
Step 4: We have some fonts listed both serif and sans serif. However, we chose serif because it brings more of independent vibes and works better than sans serif.
Final Design

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